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Once upon a time in Greek, there lived a Goddess whose name is Artemis. The Roman knew her and called her with the name Luna. She is the Goddess of the moon, Goddess of Hunting, Goddess of Wild Animals, Goddess of Wilderness, Goddess of Vegetation, and Goddess of Virginity/Purity/Chasity. She was the protector of young children and was known to bring and relieve disease. She defends not just her own purity but also young maidens and children innocence. Due to her brave, beautiful, and smart nature, she has many followers all accross the world. Her lives inspires and represent modern women these days, whether she is married or single, a mother or a wife or a daughter or all three, women in the market place or women who manages household or both. Women these days are just like the Goddess Luna whose life are multi-faceted.

As a Goddess and as a woman, Luna loves to contribute and empower others everywhere. She loves to bring gifts especially to her followers. That is why the word DORII is added to Luna in Lunadorii because DORII comes from the Greek word DORIS which means Gift.

The combination of the two word “LUNA” and “DORII” creates the spirit of Lunadorii becoming GIFTS FOR WOMEN. That is our passion, our purpose and the very sole energi we revolve our operation, our thoughts, and our strategies. An inspirator, a supporter, a motivator, a teacher, a protector, a friend, a community that cater women’s need physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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