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SASC - Ready To Glow Brush Set


A six-piece set of essential makeup brushes. This brush set includes must-have brushes for loose powder, lip, blush, eye shadows, mastering contouring and creating glow highlights for any occasions. Details : 1. Loose Powder Brush : Dip the brush into powder & dust it over the foundation or concealer to set them all. 2. Blush Brush : Apply blush to the apple of cheeks & blend backward towards the ear using this brush. 3. Contour Brush : Gently glide the brush back and forth over areas you want to sculpt for a natural contour. 4. Blending eyes brush : Use this brush to blend the multiple shades on top of one another. 5. Eye shadow brush : Apply the eyeshadow on the lids by swirling the brush around the edges to blend them out. 6. Lip brush : For perfect precision, dip the brush into lipstick & apply gently along the center of lips.